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Potro stool is inspired by one of the classic elements in gymnastics: the pommel horse. Its particularity is, although, lightness and adaptive flexibility involved in its design and fabrication process. The geometry of the sheet’s pattern and the direction and curvature of the milled channels force wood to form itself during the bending process, being stiffened by the joining and its final form-driven shape, which offers structural stability.
This milling technology, material subtraction followed by elastic resin filling, which allows to have areas with increased flexibility in the panel, provides assembly process, allowing the user to build it himself. This way, a reduced packaging of the product and significant savings in transportation and energetic cost can be achieved. At the same time, this ability to cede to different concentrated load requirements responds to the ergonomic needs for a greater adaptability and comfort.
Potro opens the furniture series Gym, not only in its conceptual shape and design, but also as a commit to the active involvement of the user.